Pickleball 101 – A Complete Guide

What Is Pickleball?

Pickleball is a game that combines elements of table tennis, tennis, and badminton. In the sport of pickleball, paddles are used in conjunction with a whiffle ball, which is made of plastic and has holes in it. Pickleball is played on an indoor or outdoor court of the same dimensions as a badminton court, with an elevated tennis-style net that is two inches shorter than the net used for tennis.

It can be played by people of all ages, regardless of their skill level. It can be played in either doubles or singles. It is a very easy sport to learn and has a very welcoming community that is open to helping new players settle in.

Rules of Pickleball

Let’s take a look at some basic pickleball rules.

Serving Rule

A pickleball game begins with one player serving. To win a match, a player needs to serve well; if they don’t, the opportunity to gain a point may be lost. While serving, the server must be in the permitted area and make sure their foot doesn’t touch the court’s borders or center. After a serve, the ball must go to the recipient while still in the air. At no point should it come into contact with the court surface of the recipient’s side of the court.

Servers are permitted to use the paddle only directly beneath their navel or the exact point of their ribcage while striking the ball. As long as the ball doesn’t fall out of play or get snagged in the net, it is a valid serve. In the event of a service interruption, a server is authorized to do a second hit.

Double Bounce Rule

The double bounce rule was created to extend rallies by taking away the advantage the serving team has when they serve and volley. The ball must bounce once in each team’s side of the court. After that, they can hit the ball before it bounces (volley) or hit it after it bounces, (known as a ground stroke or playing it off the bounce). It’s important to avoid countering the serve until after the ball has hit the ground in this first volley. Your team suffers a point loss if you don’t allow it to hit the ground first in the opening volley.

Point System

Depending on whether you’re playing doubles or singles, the scoring system changes. Many individuals are baffled by doubles because scoring is so much simpler when playing singles. The only way to score points in this game is when you’re serving. Whenever you score, you and your buddy must switch places. This applies only if your team earns a point; rotation does not take place if the opposite team scores.

Basic Equipment To Play Pickleball

Here is a list of pickleball equipment you must have to play:

  • Pickleball balls
  • Pickleball paddles
  • A net
  • A court
  • Pickleball apparel
pickleball paddles and a ball

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