How To Tell If You Need a New Pickleball Paddle

It’s common for a player to have a favorite pickleball paddle they like to play with. While novice players are still trying to develop their touch, more advanced players may switch to a backup pickleball paddle based on the venue and the weather conditions. Paddles that have been damaged or misused to the point where they no longer perform at their best are referred to as “dead paddles.”

In the same way that everything else in the world wears out, so do pickleball paddles. Extreme use, severe weather, improper handling, or an accident might all be to blame. However, sometimes none of those reasons are the cause. This makes it difficult for some people to understand why their paddle isn’t operating how it used to. In this post, we’ll cover how to tell if you need to replace your pickleball paddle.

Does Your Paddle Produce a Dull Sound?

There is a distinct sound to each paddle, ranging from a wonderful, crisp snap to a quieter, more ambient tone. If the paddle is in good working order, it will produce a hollow sound whenever you hit its sweet spot.

If your pickleball paddle is making a “duller” noise and no longer sounds like it did when you first bought it, the inner honeycomb may have begun to develop dead spots. If that’s the case, then the only option is to get rid of it and buy a brand new pickleball paddle.

Is Your Paddle Unresponsive?

Most paddles are less reactive around the handle and on the corners of the face. However, this might vary based on the manufacturer of your paddle. Pickleballs should be flying off the face of your paddle if you know where its sweet spot is. However, it’s possible that your paddle has lost its effectiveness if the sweet area now feels dampened and the balls don’t bounce away as quickly.

 player playing with new pickleball paddle

Is Your Pickleball Paddle Uneven?

The most evident indications of deterioration are those that can be seen. If you look at your paddle from various perspectives in bright sunlight, you may detect subtle bumps on its face. This indicates that the center has been harmed in some way. Even if you don’t need to change your paddle immediately, the bigger those grooves grow, the less control you’ll have over the pickleball’s spin. That means fewer points on the board when you’re playing.

Looking To Replace Your Pickleball Paddle?

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