HUDEF Mage Pro Gen2 (Hybrid Paddle)


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100% thermoforming technology with craftsmanship:

From the emergence of thermoforming technology to various hot forming technology paddles, core delamination and breakage have appeared one after another, so that most merchants have given up and changed to multi-stage cold and thermal pressing mold production process. Our 100% thermo forming technology has become one of the highest in the industry, and we are proud of it!


Become an aerial assaulter with the HUDEF Mage Pro Gen2 paddle and use your speed to outwit your opponents. The Mage pro Gen2 paddle will bring explosive power and impressive maneuverability to your game. 

Exquisite craftsmanship:

Using 100% thermoforming technology elaborately crafted and decades of accumulated experience in manufacturing various types of paddles, we ensure the highest quality and performance of each paddle. Our process is strictly manufactured and tested in accordance with the highest international standards, and the production time is several times that of the multi-stage hot and cold mold process to ensure that every detail is perfect.

The perfect combination of unparalleled power and control:

It is known that DuPont Kevlar has toughness and durability. It has outstanding  ductility and reinforcement in the field of local impact and frequent vibration. Its toughness makes it one of the best fiber materials at present, so it is often used in protective items such as police vests and sports equipment. Naturally, it has become one of the indispensable materials for paddles.

After several Kevlar materials have been tested and compared , we found out that the woven surface of 50% DuPont raw Kevlar and 50% TorayT700 carbon enhances their advantages and has better tension and control. Kevlar greatly improves the effect of power, while carbon fiber, due to its rigidity and interaction with Kevlar, greatly improves the player's ball control accuracy. The perfect combination of these two materials achieves perfect power and control. For players who like the dual functions of control and power, this is one of the indispensable qualities.

High-quality resin surface has the most durability and maximum spin

The durability and spin of the paddle surface are determined by the quality of the resin and the surface texture. Based on our many years of production experience, our engineers are very good at selecting and identifying the advantages and disadvantages of resin and the formulation, as well as the design of the spin texture, which ensures the durability of the surface spin and reaches to maximum spin.

High-performance and high-strength polypropylene honeycomb core

The professional high-strength polypropylene honeycomb core elaborately developed by our team uses 100% thermoforming technology. Under the action of high temperature and high pressure, the material will soften, thus changing the performance of the paddle, greatly increasing its power, and can firmly bond with the fiber to achieve impact resistance. It is not easy to delaminate with the fiber surface and the core is not easily broken, effectively improving the tension, strength and durability of polypropylene.

Simple yet luxurious appearance

 The minimalist design of the HUDEF Pro series is inspired by Steve Jobs' "minimalist concept". This simple yet luxuriousdesign has been loved and appreciated by many consumers. The classic blue Kevlar and black carbon fiber are cross woven together, maintaining its low profile, and it looks particularly cool with its bright white rubber edges.

The most comfortable and durable molded one-piece handle

As we all know, in the early days, USA Pickleball had requirements for handle strength testing. The most common quality problem we encountered was handle breakage, which was very frequent. Later, we didn’t know why USAP cancelled this test. However, our team believes that even though USAP cancelled this test, we still believe that this problem should be solved for consumers, so our team insisted on successfully developing this most solid and durable molded one-piece handle and using it on our paddle. We are excited about this. We have completely solved the problem of easy breakage of the handle. According to the test of our engineers, it can bear a weight of 60KG, while ordinary handles can only bear a weight of about 30KG.

The handle of the paddle is the connection point between your body and the paddle, so we also pay special attention to its structural design and comfort. Our molded one-piece handle is designed with a minimum circumference of 4 1/8", so that it can fit all palms. If players want to use a larger handle, they can adjust it by adding grips to achieve the best comfort. Due to the molded one-piece handle, there is no need to install two gaskets on the top and bottom. It is tightly connected with the foam frame, paddle surface and core to achieve the most perfect stability, consistency and best shock absorption effect. It is one of the indispensable weapons for players with tennis elbow.

Lexurious Cover

Crafted from premium leather material, the Luxurious Cover is well designed to ensure durability and convenience. Its elegant camel brown design gives it a touch of sophistication and style.

Come on, aerial attackers, use the HUDEF Mage Pro Gen2 paddle to help you fly freely on the court and maintain your dominance!


● Face: Toray T700 Raw Carbon+Kevlar

● Thermoformed edges and Injected with foam

● Shape: Hybrid

● Weight:   8.0 oz±0.2oz         

● Swing Weight:   111(14mm ) & 115(16mm)

● Twist Weight: 6.3(14mm ) & 6.5(16mm)

● Core Material: Polypropylene Honeycomb

● Length: 16.1"

● Width:  Upper 7.8" & Bottom 7.64"

● Thickness: 0.55"(14mm) & 0.63"(16mm)  

● Grip Length: 5.3"

● Grip Circumference: 4 1/8" 

Pickleball Paddle Power
Pickleball Paddle control
Pickleball Paddle spin
Product Features

Technology: 100% Thermoforming technology

Surface: DuPont raw Kevlar and T700 raw carbon fiber

Unibody Construction: Foam injected throughout edges and down through the handle. One piece molded handle for touch and feel.

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International Return Policy: We want our international (outside the US) customers to love their Hudef paddle as much as well! We offer the same 30-day hassle-free return/exchange policy, with the exception of free shipping. Simply buy the paddle you're interested in, play with it for 30 days. If it doesn't work for your game, you can return it for a full refund or exchange it for a different one. While Hudef is more than happy to extend this offer internationally, please note that we are unable to cover the associated return shipping costs for international orders.

*Clear signs of abuse would disqualify products from being eligible for return. Evidence of play, however, is not considered abuse, so feel free to play away!

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