HUDEF is the pioneer in spin technology and surface abrasion of pickleball paddles.

The name HUDEF comes from a strong, brave and very kind warrior in the East.
The original meaning of Hudef is “breaking the cocoon into a butterfly”.
When faced a difficult situation, Hudef was inspired to be strong and brave by the “never give up” spirit of his father. Hudef and his father determined to focus on making positive changes and contributions to their society through the sport Pickleball though they encountered many difficulties in life.
When he was very young, Hudef loved sports and athletics with a dream to contribute as much as possible to a better world through sports. Hudef started his first job in sports industry and by accident, he was asked to develop new products for a new sport, that is Pickleball!
Then Hudef traveled to Seattle, Washington, without knowing it is the place that pickleball game was invented. But from that day, Hudef knew that he would be one with Pickleball. He believed that it would be the perfect game to promote health and wellness for both elders and children.
HUDEF became the name of his company which was set up in Colorado, U.S. and quickly become a worldwide brand in sports industry.
Brand Mission: Spread positive energy, and we show respect for players of all levels by making the very best paddles.