How To Maintain a Pickleball Paddle Easily

In the past few years, pickleball has gained a lot of traction in the United States. And with the growth comes demand for pickleball paddles and a booming business for manufacturers around the world. Using an online search, you can find a pickleball paddle in every price range, from under $100 to more than $500 for a professional-quality paddle.

With such a wide range, both new and more established players can find a pickleball paddle within their budget. Keep in mind that spending more doesn’t necessarily give you an advantage. And investing in a high-end paddle doesn’t guarantee that it will last you longer. Like any equipment, if you take care of it, it will last longer and perform for you.

Keeping Your Pickleball Paddle Out of Extreme Temperatures

One of the best ways to look after your paddle is by avoiding exposure to extremely high or low temperatures. This means that when the paddle is not being used, it should be stored safely in the home and not left out under the sun or in the garage during the snowy season.

This is because extremely cold temperatures can force the inner core substate to compress, resulting in the paddle’s functionality being compromised and the paddle breaking sooner.

A pickleball paddle that is exposed to high temperatures can also potentially be damaged. After leaving your pickleball paddle in the heat, you may find that it has a different level of performance the next time you play pickleball. As a result of the paddle’s core and face becoming softened by heat, the paddle loses its ability to maneuver effectively, control the ball, and generate power.

Keep Your Grip

Another good way to maintain your paddle is by taking care of its grip. The grip is the most critical portion of the handle, and it must be maintained regularly. It is common for paddles to come with comfortable, high-absorption grips that are suited for daily use.

Be sure to keep your grip maintained and cleaned. After playing, use a moist cloth or towel to wipe it down. The grip may require replacement if it becomes loose and no longer provides adequate cushioning and comfort. If you continue to play with this grip, you run the risk of damaging your paddle if it flies out of your hands.

pickleball paddles on a court

There are many reasons to replace your pickleball paddle. Maybe you’re a better player and you need one that gives you more control. Maybe you like different types of paddles, depending on playing conditions. Or maybe your paddle is just old. Whatever your reason, you can buy pickleball gear online at HUDEF. There you’ll find some of the highest rated paddles used by professionals all over the world. Whether you need pickleball balls, pickleball accessories, or pickleball apparel, you’ll find it all here.

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