Face-off: HUDEF HD6 Series Pickleball Paddle Comparison vs. Paddletek's Tempest Pro Series

As pickleball enthusiasts ourselves, HUDEF Sport takes pride in serving the community and managing waste to add value for our customers. If you're planning to purchase a pickleball paddle but can't decide which brand to go for, let us help!

In this guide, we're comparing the HUDEF HD6 paddle series with Paddletek's Tempest Pro paddle series. We'll guide you through multiple factors so you can make an informed decision.

Paddletek's Tempest Pro

Like HUDEF, Paddletek is focused on growing the great sport of pickleball and has done that over the years. The company offers different pickleball paddle series, among which is the Tempest series. The Tempest series focuses on control and touch during the game, making the claim of offering speed and precision through their paddles.

Paddle Specifications

Tempest Pro paddles are equipped with an edge shock guard of 1/8". All paddles follow standard grip performance and are equipped with Ultra Cushion to ensure high tack grip performance. The thin grip paddles also include a High Tack Performance Grip.

This series weighs between 7.5 and 8.0 ounces, and the grip circumference falls between 4 3/8" for a standard grip and 4 1/8" for thin grip paddles.

Core Information

The paddle is made from graphite polymer, and its surface is graphite textured. The total width of the paddle is 8".


The Tempest Series ranges from $129 for the Wave II to $179 for the Wave Pro or Reign Pro paddles.  

HUDEF Sport HD6 Series

At HUDEF Sport, we focus on quality and sustainable innovation to deliver high-performance and durable pickleball gear and accessories. Our HD6 series uses proprietary spin technology to create some of the most balanced paddles on the market, providing players at all levels with precision, balance, and control.

Paddle Specifications

The HD6 series includes the most powerful paddles ever. We pulled together pro-peel-ply carbon and polypropylene core to create a rigid paddle that allows players to control ball spin like no other. The HD6 series has become our brand's most popular paddle series.

The series includes a variety of options based on size and style of play, including the HD6.1, HD6.2, HD6.3, HD6.4, HD6.5, and Limited Edition HD6.6 paddle—our most advanced paddle yet—which was released on July 4, 2022. These paddles have unique designs and colors to give you the confidence you need to perform on the court.

The thickness ranges from 0.57" to 0.63". We offer these paddles in both lightweight and mid-weight options to cater to the needs of beginners and professional players.

the difference of the hd6 series

Paddle Technology

The paddle edge is designed to ensure a solid, well-balanced, and sturdy grip. We use pro-peel-ply carbon fiber technology to deliver an excellent surface for great spin during the game. The core is designed using polypropylene to increase power. The total width of the paddle is 7.90" to prevent the paddle from slipping.

A wider paddle can be too large and cause injury. Therefore, we maintain limited width to ensure better wrist action to reduce the chances of injuries.


The HD6 Series ranges from $159 for HD6.1-6.5 to $199 for the Limited Edition HD6.6 (only 200 HD6.6 paddles will be made). 


Shop our HD6 series and enjoy better performance where it really counts. You can also buy a portable pickleball net online to create your own pickleball court wherever space is available. We also offer pickleball apparel and accessories. Learn more about and shop the HD6 series.