About Us

Pickleball is a game that continues to evolve. As new players discover this game and bring their skills and strategies from other sports, it helps propel the game further. And just like these players, Hudef has brought years of expertise in manufacturing all sorts of sporting equipment to the world of pickleball. Since 2017 we have been pushing the boundaries and making the once impossible, seem commonplace.

Hudef isn’t just a paddle manufacturer, we are innovators. We push this game further, producing better paddles, that in turn, make better players. Whether introducing spin technology with the advent of surface abrasion or the emergence of precision shotmaking through solid state core construction, Hudef continues to evolve not just this game, but your game.

When you Find Your Hudef, and choose one of our paddles, you become part of our team. You not only feel the advantage you have in your hands but you become part of us, part of a team that will never stop designing the products you need to play this game to the best of your abilities. Welcome to the team, let’s play.