Anton gudz

Currently ranked #27 in Pro Singles in the world, Anton is known for his passion and 100% intensity both on and off the court.
Originally from Odessa, Ukraine Anton is a multi-sport athlete and an avid competitor. Anton played racquetball for both UConn and UNC teams before succumbing to the pickleball addiction & turning pro in 2018. He loves singles pickleball as it allows him to cover the entire court, while working on his mental game under pressure.
In 2018 Anton won the 5.0 19+ Men’s Singles Gold Medal at the US Open and earned his first Men’s Pro Singles win shortly thereafter at the Atlanta Open. Since then, Anton has progressed up the World Pickleball Rankings to his current #20 spot.
Outside of pickleball, Anton has a PhD in Chemistry from UNC and works for a global bioscience company Thermo Fisher Scientific as a Technical Sales Specialist. Anton loves combining his scientific background and passion for competition and is a proud member of Team Hudef!



US Open

Men’s Singles Gold 5.0 19+


North Carolina Pickleball Championships

Men’s Open Singles Silver