Amanda Hendry

Amanda Hendry grew up being competitive in a wide variety of sports. The first sport that she garnered a lot of success from was field hockey. She attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she played field hockey goalie for five years and started for four years. She was a three time National Champion and four time ACC Champion during her collegiate field hockey career. Her final year as a Tar Heel, she was selected as a first team All-American. Once she graduated from Chapel Hill, she fell in love with the sport of pickleball. She has used her athleticism and goalie training to help develop her own style of play in the pickleball world. She has found that there are a lot of similarities to being a goalkeeper and playing the net in pickleball. She competed in her first tournament in the beginning of 2021 and within the year quickly rose from a 4.0 tournament player to a ranked professional pickleball player. She is now ranked in the top 20 for women’s pro singles. She won her first professional medal at the APP World Pickleball Open, where she won bronze in women’s pro singles. She hopes to continue to train and improve her game. She travels all over the country to compete in professional tournaments. She is a PPR certified instructor, and when she is not competing at the highest level, she is coaching people in her community. Amanda is passionate about growing the game of pickleball and is proud to be a part of the fastest growing sport in America.

Key accomplishments


PPA Riverland Open Mixed 5.0 Doubles Gold Medalist
PPA Riverland Open Women’s 5.0 Doubles Gold Medalist
APP Delray Open Women’s 5.0 Gold Medalist


APP World Pickleball Open Women’s Pro Singles Bronze Medalist