Why and How to Warm Up to Prevent Pickleball Injuries

Pickleball has swept over tennis courts in the United States, where nets have been lowered and lines have been repainted to accommodate the increasing number of "picklers"—the people who play pickleball—and the sport is attracting new participants daily. Pickleball's popularity has soared due to its simplicity and enjoyment, particularly among the elderly and retired.

There is a higher likelihood of pickleball injuries in the older population who play the sport than in the younger ones. Especially if you're new to the game, you must take precautions to avoid pulling a calf muscle or twisting an ankle. On that note, let's take a look at some warmup techniques to practice before getting into action.

Warmup Techniques to Prevent Injury

Begin the warmup routine by stretching your muscles and joints; for instance, by reaching up toward the sky. To loosen the spine, hips, hands, and legs, perform a few easy bends, lunges, and twists. Do a few laps around the court, walking quickly. We begin our warmup by completing a few very simple movements to loosen up the muscles. Keep in mind that your muscles are stiff at this stage, so avoid pushing yourself.

It's not a good idea to begin stretching until your body has warmed up a bit. Instead, we'll begin with some simple athletic exercises to loosen up the muscles. Take a few moments to notice how your body is feeling. Stretching and loosening up properly is essential during your warmup, so pay attention to any areas of discomfort or tightness.

Short jogs are suggested after the exercise to raise the heartbeat and loosen up the muscles further. To activate the neurological system, you need to raise your heart rate. If you're in the mood for something more strenuous, try going for a longer run. When working out indoors, you may have the option of jogging or riding a stationary bike around the gym.

The speed should be modest enough to raise the heart rate but not so fast that fatigue sets in. In some cases, players perform "mini-sprints," where they increase their speed briefly. This mimics the short-lived but rapid movement that is common in pickleball.

Pickleball players frequently get hurt from falling over because they can't keep their balance. When you're preparing to hit the pickleball ball, you may experience this problem. You may find yourself off balance when taking shots that are thrown above your head. To help our bodies cope with these shots, we should do balancing exercises. This can be accomplished simply by standing on one leg.

Last but not least, players can tilt their heads upward toward the sky to relax their necks and avoid feeling lightheaded due to a sudden alteration in the flow of blood in the neck.

People warming up

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