Viva Pro vs. Viva Pro Gen2 – Key Distinctions

In the ever-evolving world of pickleball, the quest for the perfect paddle has led to remarkable innovations. The Viva Pro Gen2 is at the forefront of this revolution, pushing the boundaries of technology and performance. In this article, we dive deep into the Viva Pro Gen2, highlighting its groundbreaking features, while also drawing comparisons to its predecessor, the Viva Pro.

Advancements in Paddle Technology: Introducing Viva Pro Gen2

The Viva Pro Gen2 represents a culmination of advancements in paddle technology aimed at elevating players' performance and overall court experience. One of its standout features is the use of thermoformed technology, a revolutionary manufacturing process that seamlessly integrates form and function.

Thermoformed Edges and Unibody Construction

At the core of the Viva Pro Gen2's performance lies its utilization of thermoformed edges. These edges play a pivotal role in shaping the paddle's structure, resulting in consistent edges that offer exceptional control during gameplay. The unibody construction ensures a seamless bond between the core and edges, delivering unparalleled responsiveness.


Strategic Foam Injection: Elevating Feel and Handling

In a departure from traditional paddles, the Viva Pro Gen2 incorporates strategic foam injection along the edges and handle. This meticulous foam placement enhances the paddle's feel, providing players with a comfortable grip and minimizing vibrations upon ball impact. The result is heightened comfort and augmented control, empowering players to execute precise shots with unwavering confidence.

The Fusion of Raw Carbon Fiber and Polypropylene Honeycomb Core

The beating heart of the Viva Pro Gen2's performance lies in its raw carbon fiber face and polypropylene honeycomb core. T700 raw carbon fiber amplifies the paddle's control potential, granting players the ability to unleash swift and precise shots. The strengthened core ensures power and durability while maintaining a balanced weight distribution suitable for players of all levels.


Enhanced Core Strength and Stability

A standout enhancement in the Viva Pro Gen2 is its core reinforcement technology. This innovation optimizes the sweet spot, resulting in more consistent shot placement and heightened control. Moreover, this advancement contributes to a remarkable 5% increase in stability compared to other thermoformed paddles, establishing the Viva Pro Gen2 as the paddle of choice for offensive players seeking to assert their dominance.


Faceoff: Viva Pro vs. Viva Pro Gen2 – Key Distinctions

While the Viva Pro Gen2 builds upon the foundation set by its predecessor, the Viva Pro, several key distinctions set these two paddles apart.


Added technologies to increase power and pop

The Viva Pro Gen2 maintains the same shape as Viva Pro 16mm, but the Viva Pro Gen2 will be more power than Viva Pro due to the strengthened core for the additional power and strengthening plate layer provides more pop. 


One Piece molded handle Unibody construction

Both are 100% thermoformed paddles(what is 100% thermoformed paddle? From the core to the rim of the paddle, It is better than other "thermoformed paddle" that only peripheral foam and Partial thermoformed).

The Viva Pro Gen2 features one piece molded handle makes it a true unibody construction. 

Thickness Choices: Empowering Power and Control

Both paddles present elongated shapes and comparable weight ranges, catering to players across the skill spectrum. However, the Viva Pro introduces options in terms of thickness. The 14mm thickness option emphasizes added power, while the 16mm alternative prioritizes control. The Viva Pro gen2 only has 16mm version that absolutely provides more control while the added strengthened core adds additional power, and the strengthening plate layer provides more pop, truly a perfect blend control and power paddle.


Elevating Your Pickleball Performance

The Viva Pro Gen2 integrates cutting-edge technologies to deliver an elevated performance experience. Its T700 raw carbon fiber face, strengthened core, and the 4 1/8" grip circumference make it very popular, accommodating players from amateurs to professionals.

As you consider your paddle options, the decision between the Viva Pro Gen2 and the Viva Pro should be guided by your unique playing style, preferences, and desired outcomes on the court. Whether you place a premium on spin, power, control, or durability, both paddles embody a dedication to excellence that defines the contemporary pickleball journey. Uplift your game, make every shot count, and embrace the technological marvel that is the Viva Pro Gen2.