The HD6.6: The Best Pickleball Paddle in 2022

Selecting the right pickleball paddle is fundamental to improving your game. Along with having skill, competitiveness, and the right attitude, you should also look into investing in a pickleball paddle that gives you more power and better control and improves your chances of winning on the court.

Having said that, do your research. Compare multiple paddles and look for overall quality materials, structure, build, and surface before choosing one that feels right in your hand. How a paddle feels is the most important indicator of whether it’s the right choice for your style of play.


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If you’ve been playing for a while, chances are you’ve grown out of your starter pickleball paddle and have moved a few steps up. Maybe you’re really looking to up your game and gain an advantage on the court. HUDEF recently introduced our HD6.6 pickleball paddle, one of the most technologically advanced paddles ever. It’s the result of years of research into both core materials that give it strength and rigidity without the weight along with paddle head surface that allows you to control the ball’s spin like no other paddle.

Greater Power and Spin

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The HD6.6 provides players at all levels greater shot power and topspin. You’ll experience more control over your dink shots, which should give you an edge over your opponent. You’ll get the right feel when holding the paddle because the HD6.6’s frame is designed to absorb the energy produced by the ball’s impact, which reduces vibration.

The paddle also offers greater consistency and control because the frame is constructed with carbon fiber for strength without the weight, while the face is made with composite fiberglass that provides a rough surface to give you more control over the ball’s spin.

Innovative Design

hd6.6 pickleball paddle

The HD6.6 features an innovative design that has improved the stability of the paddle and is now more aerodynamic. Our design differs from others because it includes two fundamental pillars strategically placed to achieve optimum stability. The whole frame is edgeless and is constructed as a single piece.

The composite fiber technology and the high elasticity in the polypropylene honeycomb core make the HD6.6 a brilliant pickleball paddle with a larger sweet spot. HUDEF has also introduced guardless edge technology that eliminates any weak points the paddle may have.

Many professional players have called the HD6.6 the most powerful paddle ever built; it’s made of professional peel ply carbon fiber. With a sturdy edge and a polypropylene core, the HD6.6 is more advanced, maneuverable, and lethal on the court than other pickleball paddles on the market.

The introduction of the HD6.6 has completely changed the pickleball paddle game. If you’re looking for a lightweight paddle that absorbs vibrations, allows you better control over the ball’s spin, and is rigid to improve your power shots, this is it.

Buy HUDEF Sport’s HD6.6 Online

If you’re a seasoned player and want a paddle that helps you take your game to the next level, check out the HD6.6. HUDEF Sport has been trusted by players of all levels as a leading source for pickleball paddles in the US. We also stock pickleball balls, pickleball shirts, pickleball hats, pickleball backpacks, and other pickleball gear. Check out our collection to get started.