Pickleball Balls: Types and Differences

Pickleball has seen unprecedented growth these past few years, with both young and old players in America developing a passion for the sport. However, you should know a few things about your pickleball gear and accessories to ensure you play your best game.

There are two types of balls that you can use for playing pickleball: outdoor and indoor. The former is made from sturdier plastic and features smaller holes, allowing for a more accurate shot. The latter is made from softer plastic and features larger holes for better control.

Although you might not be aware of it, various types of balls are commonly used in the game of pickleball. One of these is a polymer ball that has 40 holes and is similar to a whiffle ball. The weight and diameter of this ball can vary according to its grade and type.

Why Choose Different Balls for Different Surfaces?

The primary difference between these balls is how well they perform on different surfaces and in different environments. A hybrid ball, designed to provide an interesting playing option, is also available.

While indoor pickleball games are usually played on polished concrete or wood, outdoor games are played on rougher surfaces, even if the court is under a roof. Choosing the right pickleball ball is integral in ensuring you play your best, as different materials work best in different settings.

Most balls used for pickleball are designed for the rough surfaces of courts and are not ideal for use on gym floors. On the other hand, hybrid balls are good on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Here's everything you need to know about the different types of pickleball balls.

Hybrid Balls

If you're new to pickleball, a hybrid ball is a good choice. It provides a better feel for players and will keep them playing for a long time. That being said, professional pickleball players who want their best game regardless of the conditions are better off choosing specialized balls for a certain surface.

Indoor Balls

The soft and pliable nature of indoor balls makes them last longer than their outdoor counterparts. They also don't break and are ideal for players who prefer a controlled environment. They're made from thick plastic and feature larger holes for a better bounce.

Outdoor Balls

Outdoor pickleball means rougher surfaces for play. To ensure your pickleball ball doesn't break after a few hits, you must keep a few things in mind to ensure the longevity of your purchase.

Most commonly used pickleball balls are made from plastic and will not bounce as high as the hybrid balls, which means they'll usually crack at some point. Choose a product made from PE blended materials via high-precision processing technology to prevent this. This will ensure your purchase provides a consistent bounce and easily handles tough surfaces.

If you're planning on playing in a tournament, you should transition to these balls during practice so that you're ready.

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