How a Thick Paddle Helps Your Game

Pickleball has become an increasingly popular sport, and as players improve their game, they are investing in higher-quality pickleball paddles to give them an edge. Your pickleball paddle is fundamental to how you play on the court, and knowing which features are best can help make an incremental difference that can lead to better performance.

Over the past few years, paddles with thick cores have become increasingly popular. Manufacturers like HUDEF now offer thick-core options because players realize that thick paddles improve both their power and control over the ball. Let’s look at how a thick paddle can help improve your pickleball game.

The Right Feel

It is important to get the “right feel” from your pickleball paddle when attempting a shot during a game. Thicker-core paddles have a unique ability to dampen the impact of the ball when it strikes the surface, giving you a better feel.

This right-feel concept has become increasingly popular among pickleball players who gravitate toward using thicker-core paddles. These paddles will give you an extra edge over your competitors when playing a long dink rally or absorbing power shots.

Thicker paddle

Energy Absorption

Another major advantage of using a thicker-core paddle is that it absorbs energy efficiently. Such absorption can prolong your pickleball-playing career. Players often suffer from tennis or golfer’s elbow injuries due to repetitive motion, which can put their elbows under severe stress. Similarly, the ball’s impact on the pickleball paddle can affect your hands and elbows.

A thicker core buffers the impact better than a thinner one, so you don’t feel the impact as much as you would with a thinner paddle. A thicker paddle is easier on your joints and tendons so you can enjoy the sport for a longer time.

Energy Absorption

Better Control

If you’re a pickleball player who likes to have greater control over their shots, the thicker pickleball paddle is the one for you. The thicker core helps stabilize the paddle, and you’ll experience less wobbling when attempting a shot from the center of the paddle. Thinner paddles offer greater power on shots, but that comes at the cost of losing control.

HUDEF’s HD6.1 pickleball paddle in gold and black

Where to Find the Right Pickleball Paddle

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