HUDEF HD6.1 Pickleball Paddle - NEW!


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★  USA Pickleball Approved
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★  Color of the Surface Never Fade

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Model: HD6.1
Height: 16.06"
Width: 7.90"
Thickness: 0.63"
Grip Length: 4.90"
Grip Circumference: 4.25"
Weight: 8.0-8.3oz
Skill Level: Beginner to Pro



Edge: Specially designed for the edge to make it sturdy for a well-balanced, solid paddle.
Face: Pro peel ply carbon fiber technology creates an excellent surface that produces spin, while enhancing control.
Core: Specially designed with Polypropylene internal structure technology provides increased power.

what's new

Thicker Core

Thicker Polypropylene Honeycomb Core provides increased power.

Pro-Spin Texture

Pro peel ply carbon fiber with lots of grits provides more spin forever.

2 layers Carbon fiber

2 layers tough carbon fiber construction making the paddle more durable and provides more pop.

Frequently asked question

How will my order be shipped?

We ship out the orders with the UPS, usually within 24 hours.

How will my order be shipped?

Usually 3-4 working days.

Customer Reviews

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Mark Hayden
Great Paddle Lightweight and Balanced

Love this paddle. I just started playing with this pickelball paddle and I love it! (Plus, it came with a free hat! during a promotion!) I had a cheap paddle that I got off Amazon and wanted to switch up. This one is head and shoulders above any paddle I was using. I’ll definitely buy again!

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